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Important Administrative Info


All attendees are asked to ensure that they are familiar with the schedule. Registration will be conducted at the Marriott Hotel during the allocated timings where attendees are asked to follow the guidance on entry. You will be asked during registration to confirm working group and panel attendance, guided tour and ice breaker requirements as well as completing the final administration, invoices, payments, etc.
Please register in good time, especially when taking into account those staying in other hotels.


In Skopje during the weekend and at the beginning of the week there are a number of key events that all should be aware of. Each hotel has a favoured taxi service, and all are reasonably priced. However we have been advised that it is often best to order and reserve a taxi in advance, through the hotels, rather than ask for a taxi on the spot and be disappointed with the response time.


Please note as with all NATO events, Conference name badges and/or ID Cards are not to be visible outside of the venue, including the Conference Group photo.

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