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SHAPE - Chief Public Affairs Officer

Colonel Richard "Chris" Hyde

Chris Hyde is an experienced military public affairs specialist with over 16 years of professional experience and 26 years of military service. He is universally recognized as an accomplished communicator and innovator, and is extremely adept at working internationally, with critical experience and expertise gained in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Indo-Pacific, both at home and deployed.

A creative, strategic thinker and planner, he excels in the development and implementation of first-of-their-kind strategic communications initiatives such as a journalism student embed program for military reporting in Iraq, and a public affairs training plan for Afghan military and civilian public affairs/relations personnel in Kabul and across Afghanistan. Recently, his concept for a reorganization and redistribution of military public affairs assets was implemented across the U.S. Army.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music (Piano Pedagogy) from Columbus State University and a Master's in Music (Piano Performance) from the University of South Carolina. Additionally, he holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Joint Campaign Planning and Strategy from the Joint Advanced Warfighting School (JAWS) in Norfolk, Virginia. He is currently pending award of a Post-Graduate Diploma in Strategic Communications from King’s College, London.

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