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ACT Deputy Branch Head Concept Development

Commander Paul Groestad

Commander Paul Groestad joined the Norwegian Navy in 1993. He has worked mainly in the fields of Signals, Cyber operations and C4ISR. He has worked at all levels of the Norwegian Joint Force and has 15 years of experience in the NATO Command structure. 

He graduated from the Norwegian Joint Command and Staff College in 2017. He started his current position at NATO HQ SACT in Norfolk, Virginia, USA in 2019, under DCOS Strategic Plans & Policy as the Deputy Branch Head for Concept Development. He is responsible for the overall assurance and coordination of NATO and COE concept development efforts.

Commander Groestad is also the lead for developing a NATO Concept for Cognitive Warfare, as part of the implementation of the NATO Warfighting Capstone concept (NWCC).

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