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The Turkish Armed Forces missions and responsibilities are clearly stated in the Turkish constitution and determined by laws as to react against new security challenges and crises in 2000's, to be ready to face the uncertainties, and to ensure the security of Türkiye against internal and external risks.

Turkish Armed Forces will conduct the following tasks;
* Deterrence,
* Analyses of the security and operation area,
* Operations other than war,
* Crises management,
* Small scale or limited force deployments,
* Conventional war

The Chief of General Staff is the commander of the Armed Forces, and, in time of war exercises the duties of Commander-in-Chief on behalf of the President of the Republic. The Chief of General Staff is responsible to the Prime Minister and works in very close coordination with National Ministry of Defence for preparing Turkish Armed Forces for the defence of the country.

The Chief of the Turkish General Staff is also responsible for;

· Conducting the military operations effectively

· The operational readiness of Turkish Armed Forces

During peacetime, the Land, Naval and Air Forces Commands report directly to the Chief of the Turkish General Staff. Turkish General Staff and the Ministry of Defense work in close coordination and cooperation to fulfill their respective responsibilities.

During war-time, the General Command of Gendarmerie and the Coast Guard Command which are normally some parts of the internal security forces and affiliated with the Ministry of Interior Affairs at peacetime, fall under Land Forces Command and Naval Forces Command respectively.

Special Forces Command which reports to Turkish General Staff is a strategic unit composed of personnel with very high physical and intellectual skills. They comprise a multipurpose force with superior training and a flexible command system, organised specially to perform specialised operations and meet various requirements of the Turkish General Staff (TGS), armed with high-tech special equipment and weapons systems dedicated to the task. 

For more information about Türkiye's military forces visit their national webpage or contact the National Military Representative for more detailed information.

Phone number +32 6544 4986

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