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If you're looking for a party, then you've come to the right place! Our Pop/Rock ensembles are composed of professional military musicians with years of touring and recording experience in North America, Asia, & Europe. Each ensemble is designed with a specific venue and event type in mind. Whether it be large scale festivals, organizational day gatherings, or military balls and dinner parties looking for more than just "background jazz," the following ensembles can provide the perfect music to make your event one for the ages! Click the tabs below to learn more.

Task Force X

Task Force X is a ten member horn-driven party band that performs danceable Pop, Rock, R&B, & Country music from artists from the U.S.A., U.K., and France for music festivals, sporting events, and large events requiring top quality musical entertainment. More

NATO Unplugged

NATO Unplugged is a 3-6 member acoustic ensemble that performs pop, country, Americana, & classic rock songs from the 1950's-today. More

NATO Vanguard

Bridging the gap between jazz combo & rock band, the NATO Vanguard is a 2-3 member hybrid ensemble performing smooth Jazz, R&B, & Pop using loops, pre-recorded tracks, & samples instead of a traditional rhythm section. More

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