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Ceremonial Bugler

Ceremonial buglers area time honored tradition among the military bands across NATO, the EU, and the world. Buglers were originally used to signal troops on the battlefield. Later they were incorporated by various militaries to assist in signally various scheduled and non-scheduled events on installations, bases, and ships. Nowadays, ceremonial buglers are most often used to command troops during a ceremony (command buglers) render honors (General's March and "Taps") or signal certain events (Mess Call during a formal military ball).

The SHAPE International Band's ceremonial buglers are some of the best conservatory educated professional military trumpet players in the NATO Alliance. Experts in military ceremonies, they are consummate professionals who are extremely dedicated to their craft and understand the importance of their role in signaling troops as well as rendering honors. Examples of recent performances include:

  • performance of "Taps" for the President of the United States, President of France, and various other dignitaries at the 75th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France
  • indoor performance of Mess Call and "Taps" at the 244th United States Army Ball for Soldiers and civilians stationed at JFC Brunsumm in The Netherlands
  • outdoor performance of "Taps" for the WWI Centennial Ceremony at the American Cemetery at Flanders Fields in Waregem, Belgium.
  • outdoor performance of "Taps" in honor of a fallen service member at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium

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