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Ceremonial Ensembles

The ceremonial ensembles of the SHAPE International Band are experts at military ceremonial music. From rendering of military honors to "Taps", national anthems to service songs, these ensembles are regularly called upon to perform at distinguished events all across Europe and the Middle East for world leaders, heads of state, and the most senior levels of NATO & EU military and civilian leadership. Click the tabs below to learn more about these fantastic ensembles.

Ceremonial Band

The Ceremonial Band is a 12-20 piece traditional military marching band that performs military marches, anthems, and ceremonial music for large indoor and outdoor ceremonies. More

NATO Brass Ambassadors

The NATO Brass Ambassadors is a five-six member brass ensemble that performs military marches, national anthems, and other ceremonial music for small indoor and outdoor ceremonies. More

Ceremonial Bugler

Buglers are a staple of military ceremonies. Our buglers come from the finest conservatories from the U.S. & Europe and are honored to perform at military ceremonies such as funerals, dedications, changes of command, military balls, and other dignified events requiring the rendering of honors or bugle calls. More

Vocal Soloist

Our vocalists regularly perform national anthems and military service songs from various countries throughout NATO; most commonly those from Belgium, The Netherlands, France, and the United States of America. More

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