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Strategic Development and Preparation

Major General Piotr A. Blazeusz, Ph.D.

Civilian education:

Political Science Department of Warsaw University, Poland, 1998, Master Degree;
Security and Euroatlantic Integration Department of Pultusk Postgraduate College of Humanities, Poland, 2000, Postgraduate Degree;
Political Science Department of Pultusk Academy of Humanities, Poland, 2018, Ph.D. in Political Science;

Military education:

Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland, 1990-92;
US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1992-96, Bachelor Degree;
Postgraduate Senior Defense Policy Studies at the National Defense University at Rembertow, Poland, 2008-2009, Postgraduate Degree;

Military assignments:

1996-1999, Rzaska, Poland, 10-6 Airborne Brigade, assault platoon commander
1999-2003, Warsaw, Poland, Secretariat of the State Secretary of Defense; NATO affairs specialist
2003-2006, Washington DC, US, DAO, Assistant Defense, Military, Navy, and Air Attaché
2006-2007, Warsaw, Poland, J-5 General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, Senior specialist
2007, Warsaw, Poland, Minister of National Defense Office, Director
2007-2008, Warsaw, Poland, Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces, Chief of Command Center
2008, Legionowo, Poland, Chief of Training, 1st Mechanized Division
2009-2013, Gizycko, Poland, 15th Mechanized Brigade, Commander
2011-2012, Ghazni, Afghanistan, Polish Military Contingent Commanding General and TF White Eagle Xth ROTO Commander
2013-2016, Brussels, Belgium, Polish Military Representation to NATO and EU Military Committees, Deputy MILREP
2016-2017, Warsaw, Poland, General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, Special Projects Officer to the CHOD;
2017-2019, Warsaw, Poland, General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, Planning and Programming of Armed Forces Development (J5), Chief;
2019-present, Warsaw, Poland, General Command of the Armed Forces, Chief of Staff.

Major awards and decorations:

Silver Cross of Merit, Military Cross of Merit, The Star of Afghanistan, Silver Meritorious Service Medal, Golden Defense Service Medal, NATO ISAF Non-article 5 Medal, US Bronze Star, Medal for Service in Security and Sovereignty of Afghanistan

Hobbies and personal activities

Study of military art and political science and sports. In addition, he has over 500 parachute jumps.

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