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SACEUR Remarks on Exercise Modifications due to Coronavirus


NATO, together with other international organizations, is closely monitoring
the coronavirus outbreak. In close coordination with Allies and Partners,
we've embraced precautionary measures to safeguard the health not only of
our personnel, but also of our communities.

In coordination with Allies and Partners, and based on the guidance from the
World Health Organization, we will modify Exercise Defender Europe 20 and we
are assessing all other exercises.

The health of our forces is vitally important to maintaining readiness to
deter and defend our homelands. We've implemented prudent measures to reduce
the exposure and transmission of coronavirus to or from our forces, family
members, and home stations.

The modification.and, in some cases reduction of exercises is a
precautionary measure, and does not affect the ability of our forces to
respond to threats, now or in the future.

Because we have exercised and worked closely together in a variety of
scenarios, for many years, we are prepared and resilient. We are focused on
sustaining our finely honed skills. And, valuable lessons learned from the
cooperation and mere planning of exercises will still be captured.this makes
us a better force.

We will continue to execute daily operations continue, with measures
implemented to reduce the exposure and potential transmission of the virus.

The ability of NATO forces to quickly adapt to this situation, demonstrates
strength, agility and resilience. Continuous assessments are on-going.

Our nations, allies, partners, and potential adversaries should know that
our forces remain ready. NATO is steadfast in its commitment to protect all
Allies and our shared values.


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