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DCOS CIS and Cyber Defence

  • Directs, monitors and coordinates all Communication and Information Systems (CIS) and Cyber Defence (CD) functional area activities and staff functions across Allied Command Operations (ACO), with the emphasis on direction and guidance to the NATO CIS Group (NCISG), requirements setting and contribution to the capability management process for NATO's C2/C3 and Information Assurance (lA) capabilities throughout their lifecycle.

  • Ensures oversight of all CIS functional area activities across Allied Command Operations at all levels of command and for all ongoing operations and exercises.

  • Provides guidance and ensures Strategic Planning of CIS support to enable efficient and effective C2 and C3 for joint, land, maritime and air operations in order to contribute to the realisation of SACEUR's vision and mission.

  • Ensures planning of ACO CIS related operational, exercise and information security and Cyber Defence, at all levels of command-evaluation and approval process of CIS services and support plans for operations and exercises.

  • On behalf of SACEUR, ensures oversight of performance of the development of capabilities that deliver CIS services and support to ACO. Under the authority of SACEUR, direct and monitor the allocation of Deployable Strategic CIS Assets and other Strategic CIS resources (SATCOM Bandwidth etc.) for Operations and Exercises. Represents SACEUR in the above-mentioned matters at NATO and other international and national headquarters, commands, agencies, committees and boards outside SHAPE.

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