Deputy Chief of Staff Resources

Major General Alfredo Sanz was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1959.
He received his commission from the Spanish Military Academy in 1981 as part of the Artillery branch.
As a Lieutenant, he commanded an M-109 firing battery and a battalion fire direction center. Once promoted to Captain, he commanded an MLRS "Teruel” Battery and a Skyguard Battery before being assigned as an instructor at the Spanish Artillery School. After graduating from the Army General Staff College, he stayed-on to be a tactical instructor from 1995 to 1997 and worked at the Army General Staff Personnel Division for one year before attending the Joint Command and Staff Course in the United Kingdom.
Once back in Spain and promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, he worked as a Military Advisor to the Ministry of Defense for two years before returning to the Army General Staff where he acted as G1 Ops until 2005 at which time he took command of the XI Arty Battalion for three years.
As a Colonel, he was Head of Studies at the Spanish Artillery College.
Selected for Brigadier General in 2012, he assumed command of the Spanish Artillery College where he launched a new NCO education system.
His operational background comprises of a deployment with UNPROFOR in 1995 where he acted as J2 Ops at the time of the Air Campaign which put an end to the Bosnian war, as well as a new deployment with NATO KFOR in 2002 working as J9 Ops and Plans and where his principal responsibility was the coordination for the security of the first municipal elections in Kosovo.
He has an MA in Defense Studies from King’s College and a Degree in Business Administration.
MG Sanz assumed the duties of Deputy Chief of Staff Resources at SHAPE in August 2015.
He is married to Cristina and has two daughters from a previous marriage. His main interests are classical music and cinema.
Current as of 03 August 2015

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