National Military Representatives

National Military Representatives (NMRs) help with information exchange, liaison and co-ordination between alliance nations and the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) and Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). NMRs represent their nations, or are part of their nation's representation, at SHAPE exercises, conferences and other major activities.

NMRs are directly subordinate to their respective Chiefs of Defence. Their National Terms of Reference provide their detailed, specific instructions.

The functions of the NMRs can be separated into two areas. First are activities that have an operational focus directed at the relationship between the nation's Chief of Defence, the NMR and the SACEUR. This is the Essential Operating Function (EOF). EOFs include information exchange, liaison and co-ordination. Second are the activities that provide support to each nation's personnel. This is referred to as the Essential Supporting Function (ESF).

When some or all of the NMRs are invited to official activities, and regardless of actual rank, the NMRs are accorded the privilege and status of a 2-star general officer.


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