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Jun 23 2021

Luxembourg's National Day

This public holiday in Luxembourg is always celebrated on June 23rd and may also be called Grand Duke Day.  June 23rd is Luxembourg's National Day (Celebration publique de l'anniversaire du souverain) and the official birthday of the Grand Duke although no Grand Duke/Duchess has ever had a real birthday that fell on this day.

Meet Adjudant-Major Gérard Schott, Senior Non-Commissioned Officer to the Luxembourg National Military Representative at SHAPE. We asked him a few questions about his country and about the Luxembourg National day.

Read his answers below:



Adjudant-Major Gérard Schott

Senior Non-Commissioned Officer to the Luxembourg National Military Representative at SHAPE

1. What do you miss most about home?

What I miss the most is the family! However, as Luxembourg is not far away, I'm driving home every weekend.

2. What have you found rewarding about working in such a multinational environment as SHAPE?
It is a great opportunity for me to get to know people from other nations, make new friends and work together.

3. What is something unique about Luxembourg that others might not know?

Luxembourg's National Day is celebrated annually on June 23 and is meant to recognise the birthday of Grand Duchess, Charlotte. However, her actual birthday was January 23 but the date was changed and celebrations were shifted to the summer for the more favourable weather conditions. Now, National Day is celebrated throughout the country with fireworks, live music and other outdoor festivities.

4. During normal non COVID times how would you usually celebrate this national day?

I would usually celebrate this national day by giving a Rock&Pop open-air concert with the former military cover band "AWACS", immediately after the military ceremony.

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