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Jun 2 2021

Italy's Republic Day


The Italian Republic Day is a national celebration, deeply felt, which recalls the birth of the modern Italian nation, the founding act of the Republic and the end of the Savoy monarchy.

The anniversary occurs on 2nd June because the Italians, during June 2nd and 3rd 1946, were called to vote, through an institutional referendum, which state form to give to Italy as country just emerged from the Second World War.

In the session of June 28th, 1946, the Constituent Assembly proceeded with the appointment of Enrico DE Nicola as the First Head of the Italian State and his inauguration took place on July 1st, 1946. Furthermore, Sergio Mattarella, elected January 31st 2015, is currently the twelfth President of the Italian Republic.

The Republic Day was celebrated for the first time in 1947. The first military parade was held in 1948 in the street of the Fori Imperiali, in Rome, when this ceremony was inaugurated at the Vittoriano by the President Luigi Einaudi. The Italian Republic Day was definitively declared a national holiday in 1949.

The official ceremonial of the Republic Day is held every year in Rome. It begins with the raising of the flag at the "Altare della Patria" and the deposition of a laurel wreath to the "Milite ignoto", followed by the President of the Republic who is accompanied by the highest offices of the State.

Subsequently, the President, escorted by the Cuirassiers, moves to via San Gregorio, passing an area near the Colosseum, reviewing the deployed departments.

Then, he watches the military parade through Fori Imperiali sitting in the presidential tribune.

The celebration of the Republic Day ends in the afternoon, with the opening to the public of the Quirinale Palace, the current residence of the President of the Republic, and the performance of the bands of the Italian Army, the Italian Navy, the Italian Air Force, the Carabineers, the State Police, the Guardia di Finanza, the Penitentiary Police.

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