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Oct 23 2021

Hungary's National Day

October 23rd marks the date of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 where commemorations take place throughout Allied nation Hungary. Following the death of Stalin in 1953 the Soviets began to weaken lose their grip on much of the areas they controlled. As a result, the Hungarian Revolution sparked to life reaching its peak in October of 1956 where hundreds of students from the University of Technology in Budapest demonstrated and made demands for Soviet troops to withdraw from their nation, for free elections, freedom of speech and press, and to elect a new prime minister; just to name a few.

Today and here in the SHAPE community and within NATO we are proud to call Hungary our Allies since their accession in 1999. They boast one of the largest troop contributions to our KFOR mission and have been involved in a multitude of peacekeeping missions, operations and exercises for more than twenty years.



Hungarian Brigadier General Dr. Laszlo Fazekas serves as the Allied Command Operations (ACO) Medical Advisor. In his role he serves as the principle advisor to the ACO command group on all medical related decisions.

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