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May 6 2023

Eyes in the sky with the Raven drone at Noble Jump 23

SARDINIA, Italy – Italian Force Protection units, at Camp Nuraghe Maledetta in Sardinia, are using the Raven drone as a means of security during exercise Noble Jump 23.

The Raven is a lightweight unmanned aircraft system designed for rapid deployment and high-mobility in military and commercial operations. It provides low-altitude reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition. It can be operated manually or programmed for autonomous operation, utilising the system’s advanced avionics and GPS navigation.

The Raven drone is launched from the hand and begins its reconnaissance mission during exercise Noble Jump 23 in Sardinia. - NATO photo by corporal (OR-4) Martin Glinker, DEU-A
Italian Guards keep an eye on their Raven drone at all times during the surveillance flight over the VJTF camp during exercise Noble Jump 23. - NATO photo by corporal (OR-4) Martin Glinker, DEU-A

Three Raven drones from the 41° Cordendons Regiment of the Italian Army, based in Sora just south of Rome, are on the Italian island for the exercise, along with ten operators.

The drones, which can operate both day and night, were launched on Apr. 12 and will remain in operation until the end of the exercise before returning to its home base.

The 41° Cordendons Regiment falls under the Italian Army’s Artillery speciality which created the important capability of monitoring the battlefield. The regiment is composed of a regiment command, a support battery and a specialists group.

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