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May 10 2024

Video: Ukrainian top guns train with NATO F-16 fighter jets in Denmark

At an airbase in Denmark, the Danish Air Force has been training the next generation of Ukrainian fighter pilots to fly the F-16 Fighting Falcon. 

A coalition of NATO Allies, including Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway, has agreed to donate their F-16s to the Ukrainian Air Force. As part of the deal, Danish instructors at Skrydstrup Air Base are training Ukrainian pilots, technicians and ground crew how to fly and maintain the F-16. The first jets will enter service later this year. 

The Ukrainian pilots are full of praise for the F-16, noting its responsive controls and agile flight features. 

The F-16 is an advanced multirole fighter, which will replace Ukraine’s aging fleet of MiG-29 Fulcrums and Su-27 Flankers. Speedy, highly manoeuvrable and capable of carrying a wide range of ordnance, the F-16 will significantly strengthen Ukraine’s ability to continue defending its airspace and territory against Russia's war of aggression.

Video by NATO HQ

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