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Jan 12 2024

Video: Meet Lotte, the bomb-sniffing dog from the UK

BRUSSELS - Meet Lotte, a 'High Assurance Search Dog' who is getting ready to serve for the NATO Response Force (NRF), the Alliance’s on-call crisis response unit. Military working dogs are pups with a job. From serving as scouts for Special Operations Forces or sniffing out bombs for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technicians, they are vital to Allied forces. 

Dogs from the British Army 1st Military Working Dog Regiment are preparing to support the NATO Response Force – NATO’s high-readiness force – in 2024. Working with the Light Mechanised Brigade Combat Team, these dogs will be tasked with keeping NATO’s soldiers safe from bomb threats. They will be based in the United Kingdom and kept at a high state of readiness. 

While they may look soft and cuddly, these dogs are not pets. For military commanders, their mission is considered ‘no-fail’: if an explosive detection dog fails to detect a hidden bomb, it could put both canine and human lives at risk. Thus, their training programmes are long and intensive, preparing them to do their job without being distracted by humans.

Video by NATO HQ

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