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Mar 18 2024

Readiness and responsiveness of NATO forces are tested during Exercise Crystal Arrow

Camp Ādaži, LatviaExercise Crystal Arrow 24 was the culminating exercise for enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Latvia after three months of intense training to prepare for NATO’s Combat Readiness 

During the exercise elements from the battlegroup practiced the planning and execution of operations under the command of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade of the Latvian National Armed Forces. This exercise allowed the battlegroup to validate their procedures, systems and tactics as a multinational force under a unified command structure, working together on the ground to improve interoperability.

Taking place across the Adazi and Kadaga area, the exercise challenged the battlegroup to react to a variety of realistic and complex training scenarios. The multi-national nature of the battlegroup was clear, with each nation providing troops and equipment in support of a common goal: to defend and deter the territory of Latvia against the actions of an invading enemy force, provided in-real time by Latvian and American troops. Fighting against thinking and breathing enemy provided a challenge to the battlegroup as the actions of the Opposing Force shifted in response to their own.

Designed to be complex and challenging experience that tests the readiness and responsiveness of NATO forces in Latvia, every member of the battle group can now confidently say that they are ready to fight tonight and achieve their mission of defending Latvian territory.

As the Canadian Army’s centre of excellence for collective training, the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre (CMTC) provides the framework for validation that enables units to demonstrate their readiness and effectiveness either at home or abroad. CMTC employs experienced and dedicated professionals, capable of enhancing collective training events at every stage - from design to execution, to the after-action review process.

During Steadfast Defender2024 Exercise series, the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre is simultaneously delivering two multinational exercises. The first is a Level 7 computer-assisted exercise that integrates elements of the incoming Forward Land Forces Multinational Brigade with Multinational Division-North. The integration exercise demonstrates the ability of a Canadian Forward Land Force to work together with Multinational Division-North to keep our nations safe in a fast-evolving security environment.

The second exercise, Crystal Arrow, is a readiness validation exercise for the Enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup. Higher control for this exercise is provided by the Latvian Mechanized Infantry Brigade, further enhancing the interoperability between participating nations. CMTC has exported its decades of experience as a collective training centre to enhance Alliance security by maintaining NATO’s readiness.

Story by Canadian Public Affairs, NATO Media Information Centre

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