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May 13 2023

Video: 24 hours on NATO's winter survival course

Cold, snowy environments can be unforgiving, but for Allied armies, the task of collective defence means being ready to operate in any climate. That is why the NATO Centre of Excellence (COE) for Cold Weather Operations, based in Rena, Norway, teaches Allied troops how to survive and thrive in the snowy woods. 

To try what it takes to deal with these harsh conditions, we sent one of our video producers to tag along for 24 hours with a group of NATO soldiers participating in one of the Centre’s cold-weather survival courses. Deep into the Norwegian forest, facing freezing temperatures and with only a few essential tools to help fight against the cold, he tested first-hand how demanding – and unforgiving – withstanding such conditions can be. 

Survival courses focus on building an experienced core group of cold-weather survivalists, who can then bring their experience back to their armies and teach others. As we face the most serious security situation in decades, ensuring that Allied soldiers are prepared to protect our people in all terrains and weather conditions has become even more essential.

Video by NATO HQ

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