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Nov 9 2023

NATO Eastern flank debate highlights alliance's resilience amidst Polish Independence Day celebrations

On November 8, 2023, a significant discussion on the security of NATO's eastern flank took place, shedding light on the alliance's unwavering commitment to collective defense and presenting how it is being perceived by NATO’s frontier country.

Ms. Helena Janczewska, Charge d'affaires of the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Poland to NATO, highlighted the importance of NATO in safeguarding the independence of Poland and all its Allies. She emphasized the successful role of NATO in maintaining peace in Europe for decades.

Russia understands only the language of power

The debate was a collaborative effort between SHAPE J10 and the Polish National Military Representative to SHAPE, with support from the Polish Delegation to NATO and the Polish Institute of Brussels. Its primary focus was on the critical significance of maintaining a strong and united alliance amidst ongoing geopolitical tensions and emerging threats.

Participants in the debate acknowledged the growing concerns surrounding Russia's actions in Ukraine and their implications for regional stability. The ongoing conflict has heightened tensions along NATO's eastern borders, leading to calls for increased vigilance activities.


One of the key considerations raised during the discussion was the need for a comprehensive approach to security, encompassing both military deterrence and adaptation to the evolving security environment. While recognizing the importance of a robust military presence, as demonstrated during the Vilnius Summit, guest speakers also emphasized the significance of significant transformation and fostering cooperation with partners.

In conclusion, all distinguished guest speakers agreed that NATO's resilience and unity would be crucial in ensuring the security of its eastern flank and the broader European continent. By maintaining a strong military presence, engaging in constructive dialogue, particularly with partners such as Ukraine, and upholding its collective defense principles, NATO can effectively deter potential threats and safeguard the peace and stability of the region.


Story by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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