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Oct 21 2022

Video: Human Security in NATO Operations

MONS, Belgium - The North Atlantic Council recently approved the Human Security Approach and Guiding Principles. Key guidance that specifies all mandated considerations for the safety and security of populations, in all phases of Alliance operations, missions and activities. Following existing principles within the United Nations, NATO has formalized processes and procedures at the highest levels that will address operational challenges to the survival, livelihood and dignity of the people.

“Human Security in Operations is fully integrated into all our NATO activities, at all levels, within our commands. These agreed principles fundamentally support the comprehensive approach as a warfighting activity," said Sera Orzel Gaeta, Branch Head Civil Military Co-operation Liaison, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). "By providing a focused framework, all military commanders will be much more aware of the human environment, consequently enhancing operational effectiveness and contributing to lasting peace and security."

Next month, SHAPE and Allied Land Command will run the first Focal Point Training Event in Sibiu, Romania where all aspects of Human Security in Operations will be briefed and further examined. Through realist scenarios the students will conduct activity on four specific areas where the Alliance can be most effective: protection of civilians; children and armed conflict, cultural property protection and building integrity in operations.

Video by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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