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Oct 13 2022

General Cavoli conducts his first official visit to Sweden

STOCKHOLM- Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) General Christopher Cavoli conducted his first official visit to Sweden to meet with defence leaders Oct. 11, 2022 to discuss a variety of topics related to the peace and security of the Euro-Atlantic area of operation.

“With Alliance membership on the horizon, it goes without saying that Sweden’s accession as a NATO Ally would realise closer Baltic and Nordic defence cooperation as well as strengthen NATO’s presence in the High North and increase transatlantic security,” said General Cavoli.

Sweden has been one of NATO’s closest partners for a very long time 
General Cavoli met with Sweden’s Supreme Commander, General Micael Bydénorem
During the visit, General Cavoli met with Sweden’s Supreme Commander, General Micael Bydén, and received various briefings from Swedish senior military and civilian leaders on the structure and capabilities of Sweden’s military forces. In-depth discussions were held on the security situation in the Baltic Sea Region and the challenges currently facing transatlantic security.

“This is a game-changer,” said General Cavoli. “Should they receive universal Alliance ratification and achieve NATO membership, Sweden’s presence as an Ally will fundamentally change the strategic environment of the Baltic Sea region and dramatically increase our collective ability to defend the region and maintain a consistent depth of security for the same.”

When Sweden, one day, becomes member of NATO, our Armed Forces will contribute on a daily basis to the strengthening of the Alliance 

“Sweden is strengthening the Alliance's deterrence and the security of the Euro-Atlantic area,” said General Bydén. “The visit of General Cavoli was most welcome and timely considering the vast array of issues currently on the security agenda for the Euro-Atlantic area.”

Story by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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