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Dec 19 2022

SHAPE Partnerships Directorate hosts dynamic multi-national Familiarisation Course

Course Officer Captain Oleksandr Diakov, Ukraine Navy, was welcoming the more than 20 students from 20 Partner Nations to SHAPE. The Deputy Chief of Staff Partnership Directorate, the Norwegian Rear Admiral Gunnstein Bruåsdal, provided the Opening Remarks.

I am always hugely impressed by your professionalism and motivation in being here and wishing to understand more about NATO and its core functions

“This week in SHAPE will allow you all to receive up-to-date briefings on how NATO works with our many Partner Nations and associated organisations, and highlight the benefits for all” said Rear Admiral Gunnstein Bruåsdal.

-EfhUf1-DDsNv2 “This exposure to subject matter experts is invaluable and will reinforce your understanding of NATO, our values, transparency and our unshakable commitment to collective defence. You will learn from your fellow colleagues here too, and also should seize any opportunity to enhance your knowledge. We will also learn from your national experiences and approach to security”

The nations participating in this programme reflects the global representation of such NATO Partnerships covering Europe, South America, North Africa, Caucasus, Central Asia, Oceania, Middle and the Far East. These courses ensure that knowledge is spread throughout many frameworks: Partnership for Peace, Mediterranean Dialogue, Istanbul Cooperation Initiative and also Partners Across the Globe.


The students received briefings on all subjects related to promoting Military Cooperation and the tool and mechanisms to conduct such activity in their future roles. All students were able to engage with their relevant Partner Nations of responsibility and understand how to develop other initiatives and programmes of work alongside the Country Desk Officers.

During the courses the understanding of the role of Partner Nation Military Representatives and Country Desk Officers remains crucial in identifying the requirements of the Partner Nation and NATO. 

Key decisions will be made at the annual Military Strategic Partnerships Conference (MSPC). The next MSPC in March 2023 will be hosted by Qatar in Doha, nearly 40 partner nations will be represented.

Story by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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