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Sep 26 2022

Video: Romania's Special Operations Forces in action

Romania’s Special Operations Forces embody a motto popular among the Alliance’s elite soldiers: “Quality is more important than quantity.” 

While few in numbers, these commandos are capable of carrying out raids by air, land and sea, using their skills and stealth to take their adversaries by surprise. The Romanian Special Operations Forces have been working with NATO since 2003, already before Romania joined the Alliance in March 2004. Over the years, the Romanian elite forces’ unit has been deployed to NATO missions in Afghanistan and in Kosovo alongside Allies and partner countries. 

More recently, the Romanian operators are busy keeping themselves on the bleeding edge of tactical proficiency. They frequently participate in exercises with their NATO Allies, allowing them to exchange tactics with their counterparts from different countries. In this video, we see Romanian commandos in action. Should NATO call upon them, Romania’s elite forces will be ready to perform any high-risk mission.

Video by NATO HQ

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