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Dec 1 2022

Deter and Defend: Strengthening and Modernising Forces

MONS, Belgium - The sixth and final key advantage of the ‘Deter and Defend’ concept is that it enhances the speed and effectiveness of our rapidly deployable forces.

‘Deter and Defend’ ensures the Alliance has more forces, at higher readiness, under enhanced command arrangements, all more closely aligned to NATO’s political and military strategic aims.

The ‘Deter and Defend’ framework enables NATO to predict where an adversary may seek to gain and exploit a temporary advantage over Allies, and to respond in ways that may preempt attacks.

“The Alliance can leverage forces to quickly close gaps and present multiple dilemmas that deter potential adversarial actions. Our actions will back our words, and send unmistakable signals to those who would wish to test or exploit the Alliance,” said Chief Warrant Officer Kevin J. Mathers, SHAPE Command Senior Enlisted Leader.

NATO stands united in our capability and resolve to defend our populations, territory, and values, and through ‘Deter and Defend’, is more prepared than ever before.

Story and video by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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