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Nov 2 2022

Deter and Defend: NATO, National Entities Interconnected

MONS, Belgium – Prior to the ‘Deter and Defend’ implementation, top-level plans covered the entire Euro-Atlantic theatre, while other plans were specific to particular regions, domains or functional areas. 

Under the Deter and Defend adaptation, the defensive Alliance and national forces work together in support of a cohesive strategy through interconnected planning.

Unified planning is one of five key advantages of Deter and Defend. The concept connects a hierarchy of integrated plans that cover the spectrum of peace, crisis and conflict.

“The edge Deter and Defend provides is clear. Thirty allied nations have one military planning framework, our plans harmonised, our capabilities synchronised, and our forces are interoperable,” said Lieutenant General Hubert Cottereau, SHAPE Vice Chief of Staff.

Plans will address particular challenges including disrupting terrorism and improving our ability to rapidly deploy military forces.

Whether a plan considers a geographic region, a missile defence strategy, or the logistical connections between North America and the Baltic states, it is integrated with other plans.

In short, all military planning now supports the unified framework of ‘Deter and Defend’.

Story and Video by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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