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Nov 23 2022

Deter And Defend: Monitoring Threats and Delivering Defensive Responses

MONS, Belgium – ‘Deter and Defend’ framework has six key advantages that enhance NATO’s ability to predict destabilising conditions and execute proactive planning, which produce quick and effective responses that improve our security. 

The fifth advantage is that it provides NATO and Allied military leaders common frames of reference by which to monitor threats and deliver defensive responses.

“All of these frames of reference are integrated, and will be used at all times, and for all types of challenges we may face,” said Major General Matthew J. Van Wagenen, SHAPE Deputy Chief of Staff of Strategic Employment.

Commanders can start from a wide-view of the entire Euro-Atlantic area, refine this scope slightly to consider a regional perspective, and then zoom-in further to consider the threats and opportunities of one specific area.

This methodology ensures that all NATO commanders use the same scale and frame of reference, which will enhance common understanding and awareness, and facilitate the alignment of activities and achievement of objectives.

Story and video by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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