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Nov 9 2022

Deter and Defend: Clear Objectives, Clear Goals

MONS, Belgium - The ‘Deter and Defend’ concept articulates clear military strategic objectives as well as the military effects and actions needed to realise them.

This clear focus on results brings coherence to all military activity and shared understanding across the Alliance.

“Every NATO commander and soldier now has clear guidance on the specific results they must achieve in support of the broader Alliance strategy,” said Colonel Frank Düwel, the SHAPE deputy director of the Comprehensive Crisis and Operations Management Centre.

Every effort, from the readiness and locations of allied forces to exercise cycles, engagements, and communications will now be aligned, across all 30 nations, in a manner that supports strategic aims.

The strategic and operational art involved in the Deter and Defend concept brings a unity of purpose and coordination that far surpasses NATO’s efforts over the past several decades.

Story and video by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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