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Sep 29 2022

Deter and defend - an overview

MONS, Belgium – Our defensive Alliance faces challenges, terrorism, cyber and missile threats, climate change and disruptive technologies. In response, we are undertaking our largest adaptation since the Cold War, including the implementation of ‘The Concept for Deterrence and Defence of the Euro-Atlantic Area’ (DDA), or more simply, ‘Deter and Defend.’

The ‘Deter and Defend’ concept represents a significant breakthrough in the level of integration and planning of Allied military activities. It seeks to counter threats by providing a common framework for deterrence and defence in peace, crisis, and war.

Under DDA, we are executing modern deterrence and defence strategically, coherently and together. It was the DDA strategy that enabled Allies to rapidly strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defence posture, in all domains, before and after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in a coherent and purpose driven manner. - SACEUR General Christopher G. Cavoli

"This strengthened posture is shielding NATO Allies, and it reduces the risk of the conflict widening. It also both reflects and reinforces the Alliance’s unity," said Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Christopher G. Cavoli during his remarks at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) Forum 2022.

The “Deter and Defend” concept leverages a deliberate rhythm of military activity across all geographic areas of the alliance, as well as across all operational domains and functional areas: maritime, land, air, space, cyber, special operations, and enablement.

“The military concept organises Alliance defence to respond at any scale, at any speed, and at any direction to protect and defend any Ally,” said Mr. Stephen Covington, SHAPE Strategic and International Affairs Advisor.

Earlier this year, NATO enhanced its forward presence in the east of the Alliance by establishing four new multinational battlegroups in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia in addition to the existing battlegroups in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, which have been in place since 2017. Allied troops are training together in these new battlegroups, demonstrating their ability and commitment to working together to ensure our Allies are secured.

‘Deter and Defend’ reinforces NATO’s staunch commitment to collective defence. Integrated planning, deterrence activities, and capability development underscore the fact that no Ally is alone. NATO stands united in our capability and resolve to defend our populations, territory, and values.

Video and story by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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