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Jul 27 2021

Video: Mine hunters of the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is said to contain 30,000 leftover unexploded ordnance from two world wars. The crew of Latvian minehunter M-06 Tālivaldis explain how these historic mines pose a threat to both military and civilian ships today, and why it is so important to dispose of them. The ship has been part of Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group One several times; this group is responsible for countering the threat of sea mines and unexploded ordnance in the northern seas. This is a rare opportunity to explore life on board a Latvian Navy mine hunting ship as it conducts its work in the Baltic Sea. This footage includes shots of the Tālivaldis in the Baltic Sea, searching for and destroying unexploded historic ordnance as well as interviews with crew members. Prior to filming, NATO videographers tested negative for COVID-19, allowing them to operate in a bubble alongside the ship's crew, which had quarantined prior to deployment.

Video by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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