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Nov 25 2021

Video: 5 advantages of NATO unmanned systems at sea

NATO Allies face many challenges as they patrol and defend their maritime areas, including the detection and clearing of mines, the monitoring and protection of sea lines of communication and underwater cables, maritime situational awareness, and finding and tracking submarines. In order to tackle these challenges, NATO Allies are working together to develop and procure innovative maritime solutions. 

NATO's Maritime Unmanned Systems (MUS) initiative was launched in 2018 and involves 16 NATO Allies and NATO partner Australia. It allows countries to pool their resources, talent and ingenuity to create better, more flexible and more interoperable unmanned maritime vehicles and systems. 

In 2019, Portugal hosted a maritime exercise, known as REP(MUS) 19, in support of NATO's MUS initiative. The exercise featured dozens of unmanned underwater, surface and air vehicles. 

Footage gathered from this exercise in 2019 and 2021 includes shots of unmanned systems in flight and on the water; shots of Portuguese Marines conducting a simulated amphibious raid while using intelligence from unmanned aerial and surface vehicles (UAV/USVs); and shots of the operations centre during the trials.

Video by NATO HQ

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