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Jun 3 2021

Video: U.S. Cavalry Soldiers serving in Lithuania

In October 2019, a unit of US Army cavalry soldiers deployed to Lithuania at that country’s request as part of U.S. Army Europe’s Operation Atlantic Resolve. The 1st Cavalry Division’s 1st Battalion 9th Cavalry Regiment sent hundreds of soldiers, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to Pabradė Training Grounds, where they trained alongside Lithuanian forces until May 2020. 

A new rotation of soldiers from the same division (the 2nd Battalion 8th Cavalry Regiment) are carrying on the deployment in 2021. 

In this piece, two 1-9 Cav soldiers tell you why they bear the hardships of deployment far from home and how it makes them better soldiers alongside their NATO Allies. Footage includes shots of 1-9 Cav soldiers working out, maintaining vehicles and conducting a live-fire exercise, and interviews with First Lieutenant Matthew Lund and Corporal Caitlin Ward. Video also includes shots of 2-8 Cav soldiers conducting a live-fire exercise alongside their Lithuanian allies. 

Please note that footage of the 1-9 Cav was filmed prior to the coronavirus pandemic. During the 2021 deployment of the 2-8 Cav, all troops have been operating within a self-contained bubble of personnel. All soldiers tested negative for COVID-19 prior to any interactions.

Video by NATO HQ

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