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Jun 15 2021

SHAPE Partnerships Directorate hosts Partner Coordination Committee Quarterly meeting

MONS, Belgium - The second Partner Coordination Committee Quarterly (PACCQ) Meeting of 2021 was conducted virtually by SHAPE Partnerships Directorate (PD) on Thursday, 10 June, 2021 via video teleconference from Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE).

The 10 June 2021 PACCQ Meeting was held in order to continue to foster the relationship between SHAPE PD and the Partners. "Our aim is to create an interactive opportunity for you to express your opinions, thoughts and experiences … let us listen to you", said PD Deputy Chief of Staff, Rear Admiral Bulent Turan while opening the PACCQ.

you are of utmost importance to me
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) Partnerships Directorate pose for a group photo in front of SHAPE HQ during a Partner Coordination Committee Quarterly (PACCQ) meeting. 
Photo by SSGT Ross Fernie

26 Participants from 25 countries were able effectively discuss pertinent updates, such as on operations, training and exercises, COVID-19, Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre, NATO Defence College, Resilience Through Civil Preparedness, and secure the flow of communications between PD and the Partner community. It must be noted that for the first time, the Dean NMR was in attendance throughout the day, and presented as well – a rather significant step towards a more collaborative approach between the Alliance Members and the Partners. 

The SHAPE Chief of Staff (COS), Admiral Joachim Ruehle, also attended the PACCQ with his opening remarks. "You are of utmost importance to me …", he stated when addressing the Partners.

All in all, patiently waiting for the return of the "old days" and social means to enhance the bond between NATO and the Partner community. In a small, but significant step towards normalcy, the PACCQ conducted a "family" photograph.

At the conclusion of the PACCQ, PD leadership reminded departing Partner National Military Representatives that they should be proud of what they have contributed, during their tenure, to the SHAPE community on a personal note, and to SHAPE/Allied Command Operations (ACO) in terms of military contributions. Each and every one has made a difference.

Story by SHAPE Public Affairs Office, courtesy of SHAPE Partnership Directorate.

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