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Apr 7 2020

Video: aco vice chief of staff on covid-19 task force

"I am proud to lead the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe Task Force for COVID-19. The task force is providing strategic coordination of military support required by NATO nations to combat this pandemic, in an effort to speed up and step up, assistance to our fellow citizens."

"In my own country, France, and across the Alliance, our armed forces are supporting civilian efforts with commitment and professionalism."

"We are in this crisis together. So by leveraging NATO’s experience conducting strategic coordination with multiple partners, we are enhancing the ongoing combined actions of our allied forces."

"For instance, coordination of airlift capacity to ensure that medical supplies are delivered on time and on target, by using NATO’s Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre to manage the delivery of equipment and supplies to allies, by implementing simplified procedures for Rapid Air Mobility, in coordination with EUROCONTROL, using the NATO call sign for military flights."

"This makes us all more effective."

"And it makes us stronger together." - Lieutenant General Olivier Rittimann

Video by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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