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Sep 28 2020

NATO Exercise Brilliant Jump II 2020 gets underway

MONS, Belgium – NATO’s exercise Brilliant Jump II 2020, designed to increase and demonstrate the readiness and mobility of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), kicked off on Monday, Sept. 28, 2020 in Northern Europe.

In January this year units comprised of the NATO Response Force (NRF) 2020 were activated at very short notice to test and improve their agility and now it’s time to ensure that agility has been sustained. Brilliant Jump II 2020 is designed in two parts: a primarily maritime phase from Sept. 28 to Oct. 2, followed by a deployment phase over land from Oct. 28 to Nov. 6.  

Our exercises seize opportunities for NATO and Allied nations to sharpen warfighting skills by focusing on high-end capabilities

NATO is committed to transparency and risk reduction. The exercise was long-planned and announced in advance. NATO respects all its international obligations with regard to military exercises. Brilliant Jump has been notified to the OSCE.

During Brilliant Jump II 2020, NATO’s Allied Air Command, the NATO Command Structure Joint Force Air Component Headquarters (JFAC), will monitor the Crisis Response Measures related to the activation of the VTJF. NATO’s Allied Air Command works closely with the JFAC for the NRF 2020. The United Kingdom JFAC, based at High Wycombe, will have experts monitor Brilliant Jump II 2020 activities and conduct their readiness training before the United Kingdom exercise Joint Warrior 20-2.

The Theatre Air Component is responsible for coordinating all air movements of the Allies during the deployment of the VJTF. One major aspect of the exercise is to train the processes and coordination with participants from the other services to ensure smooth multi-domain operations.

NATO’s Allied Maritime Command, Spanish Maritime Force (SPMARFOR) and Standing NATO Maritime Group 1, comprised of NRP Corte-Real, HMCS Toronto and BNS Leopold I, will participate in phase one. This group, together with other Standing Naval Forces, make up the maritime element of the VJTF.


Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1, HDMS Thetis, FGS Dillingen, HNOMS Hinnoey, HMS Cattistock is a part of JOINT WARRIOR 19-1. SNMCMG1 contributes to NATO’s situational awareness and participates in international exercises with Allied nations. NATO photo by CPO Brian Djurslev.

"Our exercises seize opportunities for NATO and Allied nations to sharpen warfighting skills by focusing on high-end capabilities,” said Vice Admiral Keith Blount, Commander of Allied Maritime Command. "Exercise Brilliant Jump II 20 showcases that we remain prepared for operations in peace, crisis and conflict and that we are always ready to deploy our forces wherever needed, quickly and effectively.”

Currently SPMARFOR represents the NRF maritime element for 2020. SPMARFOR HQ were trained and evaluated by NATO’s Allied Maritime Command in late 2019 in order to be assigned as the Maritime Command of the NRF and will be on stand-by until the end of 2020.

Starting end of October, troops and equipment deployed from the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain via road, rail, air and sea to Lithuania, primarily bound for the Pabrade Military Training area. In September preparatory activities begun, as part of which troops are moving within territories of these Allies.

Participating land units will encompass a Brigade HQ, Spearhead Battalion, Special Forces and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Task Force HQ (all provided by Poland), a Mechanised Battalion from the Czech Republic, a Mechanised Company from Lithuania, as well as an Infantry Battalion from Spain.

The main objective of the exercise is to maintain the readiness of VJTF forces such that they can quickly deploy and, simultaneously, practice/enhance logistic interoperability with allies and partners.

Upon completion, some VJTF units will participate in the Lithuanian-led exercise Iron Wolf.

Find out more about exercise Brilliant Jump II 2020, here.

Story by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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