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Aug 4 2020

Building Integrity in Operations ACO Handbook

MONS, Belgium – In today's complex global security environment the integrity of our operations is increasingly at risk of corruption. The Building Integrity in Operations ACO Handbook aims to raise awareness of the risks and impact of corruption associated with a military mission.

The purpose is to create a better understanding of Building Integrity implications in NATO operations, missions and activities across all personnel in the NATO Command and Force Structure. The handbook is a tool to support Building integrity efforts including good governance, transparency, accountability and integrity across the full spectrum of operations and routine business.

This handbook can be used to help prevent NATO forces from exacerbating the risks of corruption in an area of operations by preventing, detecting and responding to Transparency, Accountability and Counter-Corruption (TACC) issues.

The main audience for this handbook is the NATO operational level, but it can also be of benefit at the strategic and tactical levels. The handbook is applicable to NATO personnel, as well as partner nation’s personnel who contribute to NATO’s operations and missions. It may also be a good source of information for other International organisations (IOs) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

To read the full handbook, follow link.

Story by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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