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Oct 29 2019

SHAPE hosts EUCOM Staff Talks

Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Tod D. Wolters hosted US European Command staff for talks at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) on October 29, 2019.

The discussions included key topics on the defence of the Euro-Atlantic and helped staff teams from SHAPE and EUCOM hone their coordination, understanding and mutual approach to issues in the region.

“Everyone in this room knows how much time, commitment and hard work is put into the security of the Alliance in the 21st century,” General Wolters said. “These discussions give us a moment to reflect on how we do business and find ways to solve problems as a united team in one room.”

Discussions focused heavily on exercises, training, logistics and mobility, and crisis response. The meetings also covered daily operations and future collaboration.

General Wolters dual-hats his position as SACEUR and EUCOM commander; he uses these talks to create cohesion between the two command teams. The first official staff talks were hosted in 2018 and now take place periodically, allowing for information sharing and transparency between the military headquarters for NATO and the US.

Story by Allied Command Operations PAO

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