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 Jun 17 2019

Romanian Logistical Forces Enable EXERCISE SABER GUARDIAN 19

SIBIU, Romania – With over 8,000 personnel from 9 nations, EXERCISE SABER GUARDIAN, a co-led Romanian and US exercise from  June 2 to 28 demonstrates force integration through reinforcement in defensive operations. 

Providing the full range of combat services support is a significant challenge. 

"The planning process for the wide range of logistical support for SABER GUARDIAN 19 has been intensive, involving our Romanian MOD, civil authorities and representatives from each NATO nation participating," said Lieutenant Colonel Florin Ghiurco, Chief J4 Plans 4 INF Div "GEMINA." "The Cincu training area is ideal for exercising such air and land force components whilst testing our procedures in supporting all fighting elements."

This year Romanian logistical units are providing the full range of combat services support for both own national forces and exercise participants which will prove a real test of operating procedures and standardisation.

"My logistics personnel have met every challenge head on and demonstrated great professionalism. We are providing support to the 3 Romanian Brigadesand the diverse requirements of the integrated Alliance forces," said Colonel Cristian Rus, Executive Officer 4th Logistics Base, "TRANSYLVANIA." "This is a significant achievement and continues to demonstrate our alignment with NATO standards, and providing key enabling logistical support operating within the Alliance. We have been most effective in achieving our mission in defensive war fighting."

The Romanian logistical services will also oversee the recovery phase at the end of the exercise that will involve use of road, rail, sea and air hubs for the multi-national forces.

Story by SHAPE Public Affairs Office


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