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 Aug 1 2019

Perception becomes Reality

SHAPE, Belgium - SACEUR General Tod Wolters has highlighted the importance of effective communications for success in handling new security challenges. He was speaking to his senior SHAPE commanders at his first Strategic Communications (StratCom) Policy Board, where he gives out his direction and guidance on StratCom.

SACEUR General Wolters told his team that information warfare was a ‘big, bold test’ for NATO’s military and that in the 21st century if we do not have effective Strategic Communications then we do not have a fully effective means of defence.

He highlighted that some of NATO’s challengers were using information as a weapon against it and needed to be countered, noting that answering this challenge was an essential part of NATO operationalising itself for the modern security environment.

SHAPE StratCom is led by its Communications Division and he approved its current action plan, concluding, “There is nothing better on Planet Earth than NATO, it’s protected us all for 70 years.”

SACEUR’s remarks come as many NATO nations are also reforming and upgrading their StratCom effort, including the United Kingdom which has formally stood up its new support division, 6(UK) Division, which includes formations dedicated to information warfare with specialised skills in cyber, social media and other information-related activities. It reflects how NATO and its nations continually adapt to ensure the effective defence of the Alliance.

For more information on the 6th(UK) Division, follow the links below:

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Story by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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