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Jul 30 2019

JFC Norfolk formally activated by NAC

BRUSSELS, Belgium – NATO's North Atlantic Council (NAC) announced formal activation of Joint Force Command Norfolk (JFCNF) as a NATO military body on July 26, upon activation and pursuant to Article XIV of the Paris Protocol. 

JFCNF's mission and tasks are to deliver multinational and NATO joint effects, maintain readiness, protect the North Atlantic strategic lines of communication, deter aggression, contribute to NATO responsiveness, secure reinforcements and resupply, and if necessary project power to defend its Allies and Partners.

"This is a significant milestone in the short history of this unique NATO command", said Vice Adm. Andrew Lewis, Commander, Joint Force Command Norfolk.  "As we forge ahead, we are continuing to press ahead and look forward to receiving the full complement of trained international personnel so we can meet Initial Operational Capability by December 2019."

For additional information, please contact Lt. Cmdr. Jeffrey S. Gray, or (757) 836-2461

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