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Jun 19 2019

Aviation enhances EXERCISE SABER GUARDIAN 19

CINCU, Romania – Exercise SABER GUARDIAN, with 8,000 personnel representing nine nations, continues to demonstrate air and land force integration through fast and reactive defensive operations. 

The 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (12th CAB), 7th Army Training Command, consisting of Apaches, Blackhawks and Chinooks, conduct live fires, deliberate attacks and air assaults throughout the exercise as part of joint operations in coordinated missions.

“This exercise is an opportunity for 12th CAB to exercise our ability to deploy long distances within Europe, and operationally integrate with our Allied and Partner nations,” said U.S. Major Jonathan Romaneski, 12th CAB executive officer. He said his unit often works with NATO Allies and Partners in exercises throughout Europe.  

Major Romaneski and the 12th CAB aviation assets have conducted numerous tasks for Exercise SABER GUARDIAN 19, including air-to-ground, troop movement, reconnaissance, disabling enemy armoured formations, a large deliberate attack with a battalion of Apaches, and an air assault with 300 ground troops. The multinational nature of the exercise allowed all nations to familiarize and work together in operations. 

Exercise SABER GUARDIAN takes place June 3 to 24 in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. Aviation (US) assets have conducted numerous operations with NATO Allies and Partners, including four air assaults and movement of fighting forces from Germany, Denmark, Hungary and Romania.The 12th CAB returns to Katterbach’s Army Airfield at the end of the exercise.

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