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SHAPE's Military Partnership Directorate hosts seminar with senior Afghan participants

Afghanistan military and civilian personnel attend the Afghanistan Executive Senior Leader’s Seminar at the SHAPE Military Partnerships Directorate. The seminar,  part of the NATO-Afghanistan Defence Education Enhancement Programme,  ran from October 15 to 19 and serves to promote professional development and leadership training. (NATO photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Brett Dodge)
MONS, Belgium – SHAPE's Military Partnership Directorate held the 2018 Executive Senior Leaders' Seminar (ESLS), "Shoulder to Shoulder," at the headquarters from October 15 – 18, 2018 for senior Afghan representatives.
This is the fifth time the seminar has been held with this year's focus on a continual journey in the cultivation of a contemporary, responsive, and responsible Afghan strategic culture through the medium of senior executive professional education.
The 12 Afghan participants represented the Afghan Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Afghan National Directorate of Security, Office of the President of Afghanistan and the National Security Council.
The group was briefed by Professor Harry Tomlin from the US War College and Dr. Stan Anton from the Romanian Defence University as academic lead. They were supported by Brigadier General Greg Smith, SHAPE ACOS J5 and Wing Commander Peter Clarke, SHAPE STRATCOM. The speakers created a forum for deep discussions and a productive information exchange to understand and adopt the theses "National security is a team sport."
"If leaders in democratic societies want to think and act strategically, efficiently, and effectively in the complex contemporary environment then it is imperative for them understand and integrate all instruments of national power and all instrumentalities of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Leaders set the direction and the example. They set the policy and the expectations. They develop their subordinates. They bring external organizations, capabilities and capacities to bear. They bring experience, maturity, and wisdom. Leaders lead, and that is why it is critical to invest in the strategic education and professional development of serving and emerging leaders across the national defence and security community," stated Professional Tomlin.
Following their visit to SHAPE, the participants went to NATO Headquarters in Brussels to meet with high ranking representatives from the International Staff and International Military Staff before returning to Kabul.
Story by SHAPE Military Partnership Directorate

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