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SACEUR visits Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Chief of Defence,  Lieutenant General Andrey Botsev meets members of Supreme Allied Commander Europe,  General Curtis M. Scaparrotti's delegation during a wreath laying ceremony at the Unknown Soldier Memorial in Sofia,  Bulgaria. Apr 17,  2018. NATO Photo by SSgt Dan Bardsley GBRA OR7

SOFIA, Bulgaria –  Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), General Curtis M. Scaparrotti, met with several political and military leaders during an official country visit to Sofia, Bulgaria on Apr. 17, 2018. 
In his first visit to Bulgaria as SACUER, General Scaparrotti laid a wreath during a ceremony at the Unknown Soldier Memorial, paying respects to Bulgaria's fallen.  

"It is a pleasure to be in Bulgaria – a nation with a rich history… and a strong Ally that contributes considerably to our collective defence and shared security," said General Scaparrotti.  

Meeting with President Rumen Radev, General Scaparrotti emphasized Bulgaria's strong support and cooperation as a symbol of NATO's strength and cohesion in the Balkans region. 

In a meeting with Bulgaria's Chief of Defence, Lieutenant General Andrey Botsev, General Scaparrotti thanked Bulgaria for their key role in promoting stability and peace in the region. "Bulgaria is a trusted Ally which contributes to the collective security of the Alliance in a variety of ways," said General Scaparrotti. 

"Bulgaria provides ships to NATO patrols in the Black Sea, your forces contribute to the NATO mission in Kosovo, you support the Euro-Atlantic integration of the Western Balkans, and also you are leading the NATO Trust Fund on medical rehabilitation for Ukraine."   

Story by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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