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NATO soldiers provide assistance to Lithuanian households

RUKLA, Lithuania - NATO soldiers currently deployed to the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroup in Lithuania are once again demonstrating their appreciation and commitment to the local community by taking part in projects that benefit not only the region but local residents.

Together with students from "Zeimenos" and "Rytas" gymnasiums, NATO soldiers took part in small jobs at the homes of local residents in Pabrade on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018. Amongst other things, military personnel made small repairs to houses and assisted in gardens. Besides helping in Lithuanian houses, the soldiers also participated in a sports event at the "Zeimenos Gymnazija" and performed in the school's theatre group.
NATO soldiers from enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Lithuania assist a local resident with garden work demonstrating their appreciation and commitment in the region. - NATO photo by eFP Battlegroup Lithuania

"It was an easy task to find volunteering soldiers for this day. They all want to take the opportunity to be closer with the people of Pabrade and to help them out with little tasks. It is a good change from the daily life in the barracks and on the training area," said Belgium InfoOps Captain Bart van de Velde.

Helping residents is offered as a token of appreciation for the patience of the local community while NATO troops train in the region. It also helps soldiers develop a better understanding of the host nation.

65 soldiers from Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Belgium participated. Along with 20 Lithuanian volunteer forces from the 8th Territorial Unit of the Great Battle.

This isn't the first time eFP Battlegroup personnel helped out in the local community. On Jul. 4, 2018, NATO soldiers offered their help to those in need, but on a smaller scale. For example, a Dutch soldier chopped wood for the winter at the household of an elderly woman.

Story by enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Lithuania

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