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SHAPE hosts Women Perspectives in International Institutional Law Seminar

Mr Andrés Muñoz Mosquera,  SHAPE Legal Advisor opened the seminar by speaking about NATO's Institutionalisation - NATO photo by MSgt Melanie Machnitzke DEU Army 
MONS, Belgium - Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) legal department held a seminar at the headquarters on Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017 to discuss women's perspectives in international law.

"Women are taken lead roles in cutting-edge topics of public international law. This seminar shows three top international lawyers in action developing complex matters relating to immunities, responsibilities and administrative tribunals," said Andrés Muñoz Mosquera, Allied Command Operations Director Legal Advisor.

Representatives from Allied Command Operations (ACO) and SHAPE legal offices as well as the NATO CIS Group Legal Office were joined by the Allied Command Transformation (ACT) legal office, Women in International Law Network and U.S. Military legal representatives.

The seminar offered a broad overview that focused on SHAPE's historical background, the current status of problems and future endeavours.

"International institutions face many hurdles regarding their daily operations. Sudden events may unbalance any organisation therefore creative actions are required for tackling complex issues. NATO and, particularly, SHAPE have been formulating solutions for any potential legal challenges that could possibly affect international organisations in future," added Muñoz Mosquera.

Story by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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