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Resolute Support's Role in Helping to Protect Children in Armed Conflict

Tariq Shah Bahrami,  the Minister of Defence (left),  signed and put into force a Child Protection Policy in a ceremony at the Afghan Ministry of Defence Dec. 5,  2017.  
KABUL, Afghanistan – The Afghan government took a big step on Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017 in its ongoing efforts to shield children from the adverse effects of armed conflict, when Tariq Shah Bahrami, the minister of defence, signed and put into force a Child Protection Policy.
The initiative is the outcome of a significant, year-long Afghan-led effort to codify a number of measures to provide for greater protection of children, including to prevent the use of violence against children involving any personnel in the Afghan National Army and its associated civilians and contractors in the Ministry of Defence. The policy sets out procedures for monitoring, reporting and investigating violations by any Ministry of Defence personnel and declares the intent to hold those who commit these crimes accountable.
"The NATO mission will continue to lend training, advice and assistance to work with the Afghan military, as well as with the UN and the international community to see that the child protection policy is fully embedded into the Afghan military's operations," said General John Nicholson, the Resolute Support commander.
In January 2017, General Nicholson met in New York with the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict to discuss measures, in partnership with the international community to improve the situation of children in Afghanistan. Within Resolute Support, relevant pre-deployment and in-theatre training of personnel has been improved and instruction is now included in pre-deployment training taking place four times a year at NATO's Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
In addition, Resolute Support personnel continue to support various senior Afghan officials and institutions including Afghanistan's Office of National Security Council, to address instances and allegations of human rights abuses of youth in custody.
Story by Resolute Support Mission Public Affairs Office

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