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NATO NCOs train partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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SARAJEVO – Noncommissioned officers from Allied Joint Force Command Naples provided a Joint Mobile Training Team (JMTT) for troops in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Oct. 16 to 20, 2017. 

The training team, comprised of NCOs from Croatia, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the United States, provided NCO development and leadership training to 20 peers from the Bosnia and Herzegovina Army.

This was the first JMTT mission this year from JFC Naples in support of NATO’s Partnership for Peace program, which directly supports one of JFC Naples’ goals of engaging with partners.  Together with the JFCNP team, members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina discussed NATO structure and history, ethics and effective communications, counseling, stress management and processes of decision-making. The JMTT is based on lessons within NATO leadership schools.

"The goal of our team was to deliver a basic leadership course to the junior leaders of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Armed Forces to assist in  building up their NCO Corps and creating a relationship network amongst NATO and partnership countries,” said Croatian Army Sgt. Maj. Zdenko Karasek, training team lead. "I believe these main objectives were achieved, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all students and to my instructors for their hard work and to the Armed Forces of the host country for their support and hospitality.”

"I’m amazed that the instructors, in such a short timeframe, managed to convey their knowledge and experience that they have acquired for years,” said Private 1st Class Dzenaida Suvalija. "It was my pleasure and honour to have the opportunity to attend JMTT training.  I’m sure that the knowledge I have gained in the training can transfer to my colleagues, in order to communicate more easily with my NCOs and Officers in order to achieve the best possible results.” 

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