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NATO drills improve eFP posture

A Lithuanian Operations Staff Officer listens to opening remarks before a rehearsal of concept practice session at the General Vecihi Akin Garrison in Izmir,  Turkey,  on March 27,  2017. Planners,  intelligence experts and senior leaders from more than 14 NATO contributing nations were brought here to discuss the NATO led enhanced Forward Presence rotation to provide credible defense and deterrence of its outlying borders in the European Theater. (NATO photo by Staff Sgt. Dan Bardsley GBRA OR7)

Headquarters Allied Land Command hosted the enhanced Forward Presence Rehearsal of Concept Drill March 26 to 28, providing an opportunity to discuss and improve planning and procedures amongst the eFP community. Personnel from Allied Command Operations, representatives from the NATO Force Integration Units, as well as more than 14 nations, attended the rehearsal.

''These eFP ROC drills have reinforced how strongly committed our Alliance forces are to collective defence." said Brigadier General Nico Tak, Director Comprehensive Crisis and Operations Management Centre, SHAPE.  "The framework, host and contributing nations represented here at Izmir have worked extremely hard to examine the whole eFP process using a number of detailed scenarios.

"This is a great opportunity to evaluate our collective defence responses and co-ordinate and synchronise processes and procedures. I have been very impressed with what I and my staff have seen," he added.

In a controlled and testing environment, the ROC drill has provided all participants with a dynamic operational study platform to discuss various situations that the Alliance may face on NATO flanks.

''NATO's credible defence and deterrence posture sends a clear message to any adversary," Tak said. "These multi-national Battle Groups are highly mobile and capable formations, and can be reinforced by NATO Response Forces.

''HQ LANDCOM have done a great job in hosting this Drill and we look forward to the next phase," Tak added. "Each contributing nation to the eFP concept should be very proud of what they have achieved so far."

NATO's enhanced Forward Presence provides a balanced, and appropriate expression of collective defence.  In close cooperation with host nations and home defence forces, these highly capable multi-national formations reinforce the Alliance's commitment to an active defence posture.

A number of exercises will be announced where NATO will remain transparent with its commitment to the defence of Alliance territory.  Although many Battle Group forces are already at their destinations, the arrival of troops and equipment will continue to be received by host nations, with initial operating capability planned in the upcoming months.  

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