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NATO CIS Group Enhances its Deployable CIS Capabilities

The Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence,  Mr Damir Krstičević and NATO CIS Group Commander,  Major General Walter Huhn,  officially open a major new facility in Croatia in support of NATO communication and information system capabilities. - Photo by NATO CIS Group

PLESO, Croatia – A major new facility in support of NATO communication and information systems capabilities officially opened in Pleso, Croatia on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017, with a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the occasion. 

The building will not only house office space but also advanced technical facilities for deployable CIS systems and vehicles as well as all equipment required to support the Deployable CIS Module (DCM) 'F' of the 1st NATO Signal Battalion.  

The ceremony was attended by top military and government leaders of the Republic of Croatia, including the Minister of Defence, Mr Damir Krstičević.  NATO was represented by the Commander of NATO CIS Group, Major General Walter Huhn. 

"These facilities are key enablers that make this DCM a fully functional, operational unit, ready to respond at short notice on the orders of SACEUR and NATO in support of NATO operations and mission, so important to us at this current time," said Major General Huhn. "We should be assured that NATO has responded to a changed security environment by enhancing its deterrence and defence posture and the Alliance will continue to adapt itself to meet the threats of today and tomorrow," he added.

The new infrastructure will boost NATO's capacity to provide its deployed troops with required DCIS capabilities. 

Story by NATO CIS Group

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